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Meezan Invest was established in response to the demand from the Australian Muslim community seeking low-cost, accessible, and most importantly, professional investment support. With this in mind, we have introduced our online solution, Meezan Invest.

Meezan Invest provides you with access to professionally managed Sharia compliant diversified investment portfolios. Unlike a managed fund, you are the beneficial owner of all underlying securities in your portfolio, which means you have full transparency and visibility over your holdings.

Because of the way the Meezan Invest is structured, you do not have the administration burden associated with traditional investing.

Meezan Invest takes away the administrative burden associated with traditional investing, and enables more greater access to professional managed portfolios.

How do I get started?

Select preferred
Investment Portfolio

Choose from 2 diversified investment portfolios to give you the best chance of meeting your investment goals.

your account

Complete the short account opening process (under 5 minutes) and transfer funds into your new investment account.

Watch your
investments grow

Meezan Invest will then build and manage your portfolio, keeping you up to date with all of our investment decisions.

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How does it work?


Get access to Sharia compliant ready-made investment portfolios.


Create your account.


Track your portfolios 24/7 via your Investor Portal and mobile app and receive regular updates.


We provide full reporting capabilities and an end
of year tax report.

  • A quick and simple online application
  • Invest from as little as $5,000
  • No joining fees
  • Full portfolio reporting available through your investor portal
  • Low-cost approach to establishing a professionally managed investment portfolio.
  • Takes the time and hassle out of making investment decisions yourself.
  • Access the experience, expertise,
    and resources of our investment team
  • Enter and exit or transfer between portfolios at any time, at no cost
  • Track your portfolio 24/7 via your
    Investor Portal or mobile app
  • Receive regular updates, including any changes made to your portfolio, directly from our investment team

Access Professionally managed investment solutions at the click of a button

Our Portfolios

Meezan Islamic Growth

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Meezan Islamic Growth Plus

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A summary of Meezan Invest’s Asset Selection and Investment Philosophy


Meezan Invest engages with IdealRatings who filter out any shares that are not shariah-compliant from the investment universe in accordance with their Shariah Rulebook and Methodology agreed to between IdealRatings Inc (IdealRatings) and ISRA International Consulting Sdn Bhd (ISRA Consulting).

Investment Team

At the heart of our mission is ethical investing — a simple yet powerful philosophy and process designed to give you the potential to grow and preserve your wealth while staying true to your values. The experienced, professional investment team at Meezan helps you manage your wealth while staying in harmony with the values and faith you cherish.”